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I (Shekinah) have been working at Boomerang Tours and Travel a little over 3 years and my husband Christopher is now able to join me, here and there, while I work from home with our young son, Solomon. I grew up traveling and by 17 was fortunate to have been to all 50 United States, 11 Canadian Provinces, Mexico, Slovakia and Prague. Last Year I was able to go to Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Jamaica within a few months to further my knowledge of traveling with the all-inclusive resort world. Christopher grew up in Mississippi and was able to travel, out of the country, with school and sports. In the last 8 years he has also marked off the majority of the United States and a lot of Canada. For all your domestic and international travel needs please email us at info@boomerangtours.com or call 801-277-6070 M-Th 9-5 F 9-3 MST.


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