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Friends, Family and bugs chirping at night or exploding on ourwindshield

Sunday ended in Tulsa, OK to see Christopher's childhood friend and his expecting wife. We had a great time catching up with them and then headed out to Memphis, TN. To continue being vague our time in Memphis was really great with friends and family. Tuesday morning we decided to make our way south to Jackson, MS where Christopher is originally from. We took a relaxing leisure drive on the Historic Natchez Trace ( for the last 30 minutes of our drive. The Mississippi highways and roads are very exciting roller coaster rides with the pot holes and dodging the bad drivers :) Solomon slept the entire 3 hours from Memphis!

We arrived that afternoon and it was great timing to see the whole family and all the kids as they were coming home from school. That evening was filled with great food and company as the whole family sat around the dinner table. The days have gone by so quickly and we've packed them with as much visiting as we can. Yesterday we spent the entire afternoon out at our friends beautiful lake house. It was so nice to visit with them! The weather has been very muggy and hot with humidity levels around 80-90%. I don't know if you've felt a lot of humidity before but I personally am not a huge fan other than my hair looking really great :)

Tomorrow starts our Labor Day Weekend Family Camp getaway in Mississippi. We look forward to attending this camp with Christopher's family every year we can go. I hope you have some nice Labor Day weekend plans and I will write to you again after we get back and head out to our next destination. Tennessee we'll see you soon!

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