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The Natchez Stroll

Tonight was our final evening in Mississippi, night in Alabama to then make our way to Tennessee. Our labor day weekend was hot and muggy but a really great time. To start from the beginning we took a little bit longer way there on the Natchez Trace but Solomon slept almost the whole way so it was just us and the trees. We arrived a few hours before check-in to meet the other musicians that were doing the music that weekend because Christopher played the bass and I sang with them. The camp is a very clean, large and spacious camp nestled in the Tombigbee National Forest. There are small cabins, large cabins, two story cabins and little individual homes all with very cold air conditioners :) You have 3 meals a day together with plenty of free time to go tubing behind a boat, rock wall climbing, horse back riding, canoeing and many many other fun activities. It's a great time for everyone to get away from their busy lives, be in the same place and no one has to cook!

We were there Friday, Saturday and Sunday night and back to Clinton it on Monday. We followed the tradition the family has had the last few years to go eat a big juicy burger on our way home after eating cafeteria food all week. But hey... I like the cafeteria food so I ate pretty good the whole time! Side note about this burger joint. Christopher decided to get their Mac and Cheese Burger and the description said two grilled cheese sandwiches with a burger in between. Well... We were all surprised to see the mac cheese that was oosing from this burger in between the grilled cheese sandwiches and the meat. I'm sure the picture below caught your eye but he said, the one half he ate, was actually really good.

Christopher has 7 siblings so Monday night we went out with 4 of them along with their spouses, significant others and friends and had a great time catching up. Yesterday morning we slowly but surely did laundry and packed things up. We were able to go to the school his youngest siblings, niece and nephew attend to see them at lunch time and say goodbye. It's difficult to say goodbye to everyone but we know we will be seeing them again soon and look forward to that next time together.

We spent the last 1.5hr in Clinton with a really great friend that has known me my entire life. She is one of those very kind proper ladies but is all the way down to earth. When I was young she told me how her mamma taught her to sit up straight when she was a young girl and boy did it pay off because she amazing posture :) Her and her husband live in a beautiful southern antebellum home. It's an ideal scene with the lovely driveway up to the home as it curves around to the front steps so you can get right out of your carriage as if you were Scarlet herself!

Our destination for last night was 2hrs north on the Natchez Trace to Christopher's relatives home. It really is beautiful to turn just off the trace, still be surrounded by trees just to see a driveway on the right that leads to a lovely little home that sits on 11 acres. We spent the evening talking and Solomon was showing off his smile to everyone. Woke up refreshed this morning, headed out to eat lunch at The Council House Cafe in French Camp, had a beautiful green and peaceful drive with the humidity and misty rain while we sat in our air conditioned van :) and made it to Tupelo where we had a great meal with my aunties and a spouse and what a great time we had! Solomon did some more showing off with his big beautiful smiles with everyone around us wanting to know all about him.

Our 8 days in Mississippi have come to a close and what a great time it was!

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