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Fires, Ferries and Horses Oh My

Even though the truck stop in Canada was a nice experience we were ready to be out of

Canada. We drove the few hours to Port Huron. After a few more hours of pointless driving, just for funsies, or not, we finally landed at the Fairfield Inn and Suites hotel in Port Huron. This was, by far, the friendliest hotel we've ever stayed in before. Every single staff member we encountered or saw other people encounter was genuinely kind and seemed to enjoy their job. Needless to say that the Best Western at Niagara Falls received a bad review and the hotel in Port Huron I could not leave a good enough review. Some of the staff even came out to see our new ride! We were able to get all of our work done and enjoy the spacious room along with all the other amenities they offer.

He said it was therapeutic :)

The next afternoon we made our way to Otter Lake, MI to spend the long weekend with our really good friends we had not seen for a while. It was the perfect setting to pull our van up beside their house and plug her in for us to sleep in at night! The weather was really great with little to no humidity and the bugs were not bad either. The first day there, us women took Solomon and went to the big big mall for some shopping while the men tended to their 4 kids and the other domestic duties. The next day we all packed up and headed north to their family cabin. It was such a great weekend getaway. The cabin was a great size with lots of bedding everywhere, a great kitchen and 2 bathrooms. This cabin sits on several acres with some fun toys for off roading and a fire pit. Here's a funny story for you... I've heard about this cabin for a while and I was told that they have a fire going the entire time any time they go there. I was told they go out and have fun on their toys and then come back to the fire. For some reason my mind went to them huddling around a burn barrell with their rolled up beanies on and holding their hands over the fire with their fingerless gloves on.... Yes I just described a street in New York City where the homeless might live. I was interested in seeing this fire myself. But upon arrival the kids all got out of the van and, not even, 5 minutes later they had a fire going, in the really nice fire pit outside beside the house! They even had real nice chairs to sit in, no rolled up beanies on, no fingerless gloves in site and no soot on any ones faces! I might of been a little disappointed :)

Saturday the 26th we all went to Mackinac Island. Why it's spelled Mackinac but pronounced

Mackinaw makes no sense to me. But no one asked me when they decided to pronounce it for the first time :) It was a nice experience we even did the horse carriage tour around the island. We would recommend it for a quick easy way to see more of the island. It is a small island and there are several ferry options to get you there. Our second ferry ride of this trip! There are no cars allowed on the island except the fire truck and an ambulance so everyone gets around on bicycles and horses. It did make for a smelly destination but a very pretty one that's famous for their fudge. We didn't want to hurt anyones feelings by not tasting their fudge they worked so hard to make, so we forced ourselves to go in a few stores to buy some fudge! Life was rough that day :) The Arch Rock was one of my favorite things about Mackinac Island. The water was a very pretty turquoise color and was so beautiful.

Our time with our friends in Michigan was very well spent and very needed. It's a bummer we can't live closer to each other meaning, it's a bummer they don't live in Utah :)

Our trip is almost over at this point so we will have two more posts, for this trip. One very exciting post on the bland, flat, fly filled plains that we drove through. The final post will be on the last 3 nights in one of our favorite places with some of favorite people. Until next time :)

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