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Mississippi Life

We arrived here in Mississippi last Sunday Jan 10th. Our drive out here was eventful here and there :) For some reason we went on Highway 80 because it was the fastest and we didn't think about how it was far from the safest. It still worked out well for us but not without some extra hotel nights and snowy roads. I last wrote our first day on the road. That day we only made it to Laramie, WY. We ate dinner at a gas station buffet and it was actually a really fun time! We tried to head out after to keep on driving just to turn around 8 miles down the road and head back to Laramie for the night. We stayed in a hotel that night and had a good time with Solomon in the pool :) The next morning there was about 4 inches of snow on the ground.

It was very lovely but not what we wanted to see for our travel day. We started driving and drove through bad snow conditions that morning. We finally decided to drop down to highway 70 just east of Denver. Once we got on highway 70 it was smooth driving from. We actually made it to Tulsa, OK that night around 11:30pm and made it to our hotel for the next 2 nights. ThatSaturday we spent with our friends who live in Tulsa and their new baby girl :) We were shocked to wake up to snow on the ground that morning but we really had a great day.

Sunday we left for Mississippi and arrived around 7pm. Since we arrived in Mississippi we’ve had great family dinners, baby cousin hang outs, card games, 3 nights of basketball games and Christopher has been able to do a lot more things like go hunting with the brothers. Tonight is another basketball night with one more night next week. It’s been a lot of fun to watch Christopher’s two younger brothers play basketball and no matter what the outcome of the game I think they are doing a darn good job.

Our lives here the last week and a half have been pretty normal when it comes to work.

We are both still working our normal hours and things have been going well. Both of our jobs have been very gracious in allowing us to work on the road. So thank you and We’ve had really great weather here with temperatures in the 50-60’s most days! Today has been rain, which we love :) and tomorrow it says snow, which is kind of funny to see for Mississippi forecast! Until we write again:)


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