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The New Year

On the road again!

I don't know about you but Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again" was a staple song to begin our family vacations with, so it's one of my favorite songs. Since our last post a lot has happened for the Govero family. All of our holidays were very enjoyable for 2015. Thanksgiving we spent in Salt Lake City with the family and Christmas we decided last minute to spend with our friends in Seattle, before they move away.

Our trip to Seattle was quite eventful with the snowy and icy road conditions. We left the evening of Dec 20th, in our Subaru, after having our family Christmas and drove to Boise, ID for the night. It was very cold, wet and icy out so it took us longer than normal but we made it to our hotel safe and sound. We got an early start thinking we had a 9-10hr day ahead of us and man, were we in for a surprise :) Long day/story short we ended up staying at a hotel 109 miles outside of Seattle in Ellensburg because the Snoqualmie pass was closed in both directions. It took us about 10hr to go 390 miles (6.5hrs normally) that day. We had a great time at the hotel that night going swimming with Solomon. He loved it! The next morning we got an early start again and by that afternoon we made it to Seattle. We got through the pass before they closed it again. There were tire chains all over the road that had fallen off and we passed 2 miles of trucks pulled over putting chains on their tires... Like I said, it was quite eventful!

We had a great time in Seattle and Solomon loved going downtown on the train and walking around. It was a really good time with our friends and we are thankful we were able to see them for those 7 days. Our drive home was very long but not as eventful as the drive there. We had to go to Portland because all the other roads were closed again but it was pretty decent through the other passes. We got home that Thursday the 31st and made it to bed by 11! No New Years countdown for us :)

This past week has been packing and moving. We have packed up all of our belongings and put them in a few different kinds of storage, filled our van with the essentials and moved out of our home of 6.5 years, to travel in our new home (the Roadtrek), this morning. We will be back and forth between Salt Lake City and traveling this year. Salt Lake City had, might still be there, a crazy inversion this morning. No, that's not fog you see out your front door it's pollution disguised as fog :) I haven't seen an inversion this bad for a good while but as soon as we drove onto Wasatch BLVD it was clear sunny blue skies and if you looked to the west you saw all of the smog sitting over the city and each road disappeared into it. We stopped in Evanston, they have a super nice McDonalds there, who knew, and are now back on the road. We will see how far we get today before pulling off to say goodnight.

I guess you might want to know where we are going? Mississippi folks.. Mississippi. Yep, we are going to go spend some time in the good ole south and enjoy seeing Christopher's family for a little while. We plan to take a few side trips while we are there and will write about the places we go and things we do. We are very excited for this new stage in our lives and are looking forward to all of 2016!


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