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Puerto Vallarta

The first week in April Christopher headed out on a work trip to Cancun. It was a busy trip with visiting a lot of properties and enduring the hot weather. But, there were some great moments of lounging at the beach for him as well :)

Our friends from Michigan came to visit us the second weekend in April and it was such a good time for all of us! The two hubs were able to take the Roadtrek down to Zion for one night while us ladies and Solomon stayed home and relaxed. After they left it was only 3.5 weeks before we left town again. Puerto Vallarta was coming up fast and we were both very excited!

6:30am rolled around and we were being dropped off at the airport, thanks brother for the ride :). Solomon had no problems with the flights and the hour layover in LA was perfect. Christopher and I kept joking that we were definitely in coach but Solomon thought he was in first class for sure :) He was

lounging, snacking and watching movies. Both flights had babies and none of them had any meltdowns or even made noise so it was quite enjoyable.

We arrived in Puerto Vallarta around 3:30pm and walked straight to customs. The flight only had one of the forms in Spanish but Christopher was able to actually fill it out correctly :) We breezed through customs, collected our bags and walked through the shark tank of people trying to sell you transportation…. Crazy… But we made it to our transfer and almost out of the parking lot when we realized we did not have one of our wallets… Our amazing cab driver knew everyone at the airport and was able to get Christopher through all sorts of securities and within 30 minutes we had out wallet :O Wow what a miracle that was!

We got to the resort and the Iberostar Playa Mita is just beautiful. Went straight to eat and then down to the ocean for the sunset. When you go to an all-inclusive there’s really not a whole lot to write about because no one wants to read about every time we ate or went to the pool or ocean! It’s just what you do at one of those. However, we did not really have this as our experience so you will have something to read after all :) We were there 6 nights and on the third night Solomon got very very sick and it was one hell-of-a 24hrs haha But he got better and was eating normal a few days after we got home.

We went to Sayulita the day before we left and while it’s a very fun little surf town the heat was pretty rough that day. When Christopher said he had reached his heat max and it was time to head back… you know it was hot! But we had fun anyway. Mexico has no laws on car seats, which means no body even owns one, so Solomon was chillin with us the whole time and while others might want to take a car seat we were pleasantly surprised by there not being one accident or even upset driver our 5 different times in a cab. We had bad traffic, no traffic, and over 4hrs in cabs with not one scary moment.

Our time came to an end and we were back at the airport for our nonstop 3hr 15min flight home. Solomon stayed awake for the entire flight and there was no entertainment system anywhere… That’s my first world problem complaint for you. If you like the beach – food – fancy dinner – an awesome pool – great service and great flight options … Puerto Vallarta is the place for you! We had a fun time and got home just in time for Solomon's 1st birthday party then packing for our next vacation in just a few days. That's my next post :)

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