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On the Road Again!

Hello Everybody!

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I have made a post :/ We left the house this morning to start our amazing Alaska adventure that Christopher posted about last time. Today is an extra special day as it’s my Grandmother’s birthday and our 9th anniversary! This past year has been very enjoyable, busy and memorable. After our Puerto Vallarta adventure in May 2016 we were blessed to visit:

Highway 101 road trip – 3 weeks – May/June 2016

Cancun work trip – Christopher – July 2016

Family Camp - July 2016

Hawaii work trip – Christopher – Aug 2016

Mississippi/Nashville/St. Louis/Colorado Spring road trip – 5 weeks – Sept 2016

Westward Concert trip – Shekinah – Oct 2016

Thanksgiving weekend downtown SLC – Nov 2016 – Solomon went to his first Jazz basketball game

Disneyworld – Dec 2016

Disneyland – Feb 2017

Mesquite Concert trip – Shekinah – Mar 2017

Women’s Retreat – Shekinah May 2017

Oahu, Hawaii – May 2017

Mississippi – June 2017

We also attended several work meetings/gatherings, including a fun night of dinner and a Jazz game. Sister Brother had several shows I was a part of within this past year and I look forward to many more. We had family visit from out of town a few times and the list goes on. Needless to say it’s been a wonderful year.

Solomon had his second birthday almost a month ago, and loved every minute of his party. He now has the talking Buzz and Woody toys that we hear through the monitor all hours of the night :) He has always been a great traveler and was more than excited to get in the van this morning to start our road trip - attached photo!

He has enjoyed all of the places we’ve gone this past year and we look forward to all the new places our family will get to go, even as it grows in size this December ;)

I’ll try to post some fun stories from our past trips but will be posting regularly about what we see/do on this trip. We’re excited for everything this adventure will bring and to share it with you!

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