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Beautiful Canada!

Lake Louise

Lake Louise

The last few days have been quite eventful. Wednesday we made it just past Kalispell, MT to a small campground called La Salle RV Park. It was a nice short stay and Solomon enjoyed playing outside once we settled in. The sun didn’t go down until after 11 so we were able to sit outside around the table and do some work while Solomon went to sleep in his bed.

View from Lake Louise Campground

View from Lake Louise Campground

The next morning we made our way to Lake Louise, Alberta in Banff. We were only about an hour away from the Canadian border and didn’t have to wait in any lines. Pretty soon after entering Canada we saw our first black bear right by the road! We were not in a place we could stop but it was exciting non-the-less. We also saw two bald eagles in their huge nests.

Our first stop was Radium Hot Springs where I was able to have a relaxing and amazing massage and Christopher was able to enjoy the hot springs after I was done. Solomon enjoyed walking around and watching a movie :) They had loads of construction going on because all of the parks in Canada have a lot of funding for their 150th anniversary.

After leaving Radium Hot Springs it was up and over the mountains to Lake Louise. We settled in at the Lake Louise campground for the night and ate the red beans and rice we had going all day in our crockpot :) It was so good! The campground was nice but yikes… there was a train you could see and hear at all hours of the night. It was great to be so close to Lake Louise for the next morning though.

The next morning we made the short drive to Lake Louise. It was a little bit drizzly but it didn’t matter. We came around the corner and Solomon pointed at the lake and said “Loooooooook”! It was very exciting for all of us! We walked around the beautiful Lodge and took plenty of pictures of the lake before it was time for us to head out. The drive from Lake Louise to Jasper is just amazing.

Banff and Jasper National Parks are some of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. The mountains keep going and going with amazing waterfalls everywhere out of the blue. You pass Columbia Icefields with Glaciers you get walk to and a glass floor boardwalk that walks over a glacier. Random and in the middle of nowhere but I'm sure it's really cool! A lot of these things you have to know are there because it's not very convenient to stop quickly or turn around if you miss it. Next time :) Since there's not a lot of places to pull over when you see a bear or waterfall I just sit back and take in the sights. We drove from Lake Louise to Prince George, BC. We changed time zones and gained an hour and I don’t think the sun went down last night until after midnight.

We saw a lot of wildlife and while I was napping Christopher saw 4 black bear! Apparently not the time to take a nap :( I saw 3 bear so we saw a total of 7 bear in one day! We also saw a big horned sheep walking out along a stream. It would’ve been an amazing picture if we could've stopped. We stopped in Jasper and walked around for a little while and ate some lunch. Very pretty town.

Solomon happily watches “the one” (Adventures in Odyssey) over and over and over :) We have about 6 different ones so we just cycle through them. He also has plenty of movies that he enjoys and plays with his toys in his lap constantly. When one show ends we hear “mores” and we turn on another one. He’s been able to nap each day for a little bit and loves our short stops at gas stations or small towns.

We stayed at the Hartway RV Park and it was a nice campground. Sometimes too many permanent residents can make it a different experience but it was still nice. One interesting thing about other campers in Canada is there’s not a lot of tent campers and more than half of the RV’s are rented. We are on our way to Stewart, BC/Hyder, AK. This is one of my families favorite places to go and I’m so excited to share it with Christopher and Solomon!

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