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Cassiar Highway

The Cassiar Highway... what a beautiful place. No taking a nap or you’ll miss to many beautiful things, including 9 black bear in one day! But, back to where we left off. We had a really great 3 nights in Stewart, BC/Hyder, AK. We stayed at the Bear River Campground as the Rainey Creek Campground I grew up staying at was closed. This was a great campground through so we didn’t mind. The couple that ran it were crazy nice and even offered to let us borrow their crab traps to put in at the Hyder dock. We didn’t end up having time to do that but it was cool to be offered that.

Salmon Glacier

Father’s day we spent driving up to Salmon Glacier. You used to be able to drive to the bottom of the glacier and climb all over it but there’s a mine that controls all of that now. It’s about 17miles to the viewpoint of Salmon Glacier but it takes you a solid 45min to get up there. It’s a very windy, gravel/dirt, steep and sometimes one lane road because snow was taking up the other lane. The drop offs were crazy far down and come to find that after a few rainy days later my family could not go up the road because a vehicle had gone off the road down the 1,000 ft. cliff. There was a search and rescue helicopter trying to locate the vehicle. We didn’t know the cliffs were that high when we drove past them.

The next day we spent at Bear Glacier. Everyone besides Solomon and me were able to kayak over to the glacier at different times and hike around. Christopher enjoyed drinking and washing his hair directly from the glacier runoff. Bear Glacier has receded quite a bit since the last time I saw it that it took me a bit to recognize it. Solomon was able to take a long nap and loved the few minutes he was in the Kayak with Christopher. He was very proud of himself, sitting so tall :)

The highway into Stewart is slow going, roughly 50mph, and you want to take it slow so you can take pictures of the many waterfalls and glaciers you will see. The waterfalls are endless it seems and you can see where they start so high on the mountains. It’s just so beautiful I’m very thankful to get to see it again.

The last day we did some good ole laundry and packed everything up. We enjoyed really yummy treats from the bakery in town. Christopher loved his bagel with salmon spread! It’s been so nice to get to relax and sit around the fire or go to bed early, eat yummy food and see amazing scenery. Tatogga Lake resort was our destination for that day and even though it’s only about 130 miles away it takes you 4 hours to get there. We wanted to get just a little further down the road as we knew the next few days would be long ones.

A few funny Soly moments:

The first night at our campground in Stewart we needed the orange leveling blocks for our van and once it was parked Solomon got out of the van and said “oh noooo” pointing at the orange blocks under the tires and tried to push the van backwards! He did it a few times hoping to get the van off those orange things.

Solomon really likes the Bee movie and he sat in front of the van for a while saying “bee – bee – bee” pointing at all of the dead bugs on the front of the van! He is, of course, referring to the many many mosquitos smeared across the bummer and grill. He thinks they are bees and when one stung him on the forehead he said, “oh man. Bee ouch”.

He also decided to perfect his stealthiness by running and then stealthily falling tummy down on the ground. You have to do this many times to get nice and smooth at it.

He walks around and has to go to sleep with his guitar (it’s a small guitar magnet from Nashville). He plays it singing “blum, blum, blum”. Woody, Buzz, Bruce and Col. Haiti are all loving these cool destinations with Solomon.

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