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Go North to Alaska!

How time flies.... We're having such a great time on this amazing adventure. The last blog left off driving on the Cassiar Highway. We stayed at Tatogga and enjoyed hobo meals. We drove the long distance to Whitehorse for the next night. On our way to Whitehorse we made a quick trip to Watson Lake to walk around the Sign Post Village. If you want to drive the Alaskan Highway bring an old license plate or a fun sign to hang up at the Sign Post Village. Solomon was just excited to run around somewhere!

Whitehorse was the first stop, this whole trip, that did not have a lot of vacancy. We were able to get a campsite that night and took our first It's Midnight And It's Still Daylight photo around the campfire! The next morning we packed up and were ready to leave for Tok, where we had our next reservation set up, just to find we would be in Whitehorse for most of the day. A fuel truck had a spill on the highway just out of town and it was shut down until 4pm that day. We felt lucky to be so close to a nice town we could enjoy since the only way around added at least 5hrs to our day :/

We walked around Whitehorse, ate a great lunch and then found the road was open so we headed out. Beaver Creek was our stop that night. It's just before the Alaska Border and made for a great evening. The campground had tons of puddles that Solomon could not get enough of! With his t-shirt, diaper and flip flops on he jumped from puddle to puddle until he was nice and covered in muddy water. We have a shower on the outside of our van so we gave him a bath and that was a funny sight to see! We haven't had to many long travel days but the last two getting to Anchorage needed to be pretty long and it went well. We drove the next morning and stopped for all Alaska border sign pictures. Solomon wanted us to take more photos of him so he got back up there and started posing. It was so cute! He stood in a few different spots and smiled a few different ways. Even got a hair adjustment in there :)

We kept driving and stopped for lunch in Tok. Arrived that evening to our campsite in Anchorage. 2 brothers arrived around 1am to the campsite so their stay could begin. It will always be surprising when you feel tired and realize it’s after 1am but still nice and light outside :/ The next day we all visited the Anchorage Market. It’s a really great market on the weekends in the summer and they have some of the best food trucks we’ve seen at markets. It was a very nice sunny day and the three of us were able to take a nice long, much needed, nap. Hung out that night at the campground around the fire and enjoyed being in Alaska together.

Benjamin’s family arrived the next afternoon so we had a nice relaxing morning, got some groceries and then headed to Soldotna for the night. We had 4 really great campsites close to each other and were able to have an awesome cooked meal together as a whole family, minus a few members back in Utah. The next morning we left for Homer, AK where 6 of the crew went overnight halibut fishing. Overnight means you can catch a double limit! On our way we stopped at the westerly most point you can drive to for a similar picture we had as kids.

We dropped the guys and one gal off at the dock for their 18hrs at sea! Us few staying behind and the children’s hung out in Homer for the next 24hrs. We rented a house for that night which was really comfortable and an enjoyable time for all of us. Us girls were up talking really late and the living room had big french doors and a window above the little table. I saw a head move in the window and it scared me half to death. I realized it was not a human it was a moose…. There it was just hanging out in the backyard eating from a bush under the window. We went to the window and scared it away but it just moved to a tree in the backyard. We were able to open the french doors and see it out there. It was so cool to watch it and hear how loud it was just munching on that tree. We, of course, had the doors wide open so we could dart back inside if remotely moved! We were thankful we saw the moose because some of us were going to go get something from the cars and decided not to after that. They are quite the intimidating creature.

The next morning we had plenty of time to pack everything up and get a great breakfast. Christopher had awesome cell service on the boat so he was able to keep to us informed on when they were getting back. They ended up staying out 24hrs exactly so everyone could get their limit that second day. The fish were smaller than hoped for but hey… we have halibut caught by our peoples! Woohoo! It was really nice weather in Homer, just meaning no heavy rain. We threw rocks in the water at the dock and enjoyed taking some more of the same pictures we did as kids! Thanks for the good times Homer!

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