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Vacation from Vacation-"The Switzerland of America"

Our 2015 Family Road Trip has come to an end so this will be my last post for this trip. We left Michigan Monday the 28th around 11am and drove until we didn't want to drive anymore :) I guess my next statement will let you know a little of how I feel about the plains because, I don't even remember where we stopped that night. It was somewhere in Iowa or Nebraska? Not sure! The next day we kept driving and we were able to spend a little while in Minden NE at Harold Warp Pioneer Village. I went there as a kid so it was fun to go back after so long. It's so odd that this place is in the middle of Nebraska but they has a lot of really cool items. They have one building that has living room and kitchen displays from each decade all the way back to the 1800's. We had a nice time walking around looking at all the displays. We got back in the van ready to keep a rollin. Thank you Minden, NE for the 10 massive flies that we could not get out of our van!

That night we stayed at a Walmart in Avon, CO. Talk about the nice Walmart ever :)

Avon, Colorado

was so large and they even had grass growing on top of the buildings so they would eventually blend into the scenery. We were only 4hr from Ouray our final spot for this 5 week trip. We were excited to get there so we started driving. Ouray is such a beautiful little town nestled in the mountains. I've gone to Ouray since I was a child and have a lot of really great memories there. Christopher and I even spent our honeymoon there! I think we went there at last 7 times in the first 5 years we were together :) Yeah I think we like it :) It's called the Switzerland of America and what a great name that is. The quaint little town is surrounded by mountains on three sides. There is a hot springs where you sit and look at the mountains and you can even see mountain goats sometimes. It sits at 7,800 feet so the weather is basically perfect all year! I was debating whether or not I should actually put the name of the town or not because we like to think of it as our little secret but we know it's not :)

What a great 3 nights in Ouray! This was the first time we've ever gone there and didn't do all of the normal things we normally do. We just sat and relaxed the whole time :) Mouse's Chocolates and Coffee was a daily stop. We also found the bakery at the top of the hill and got there right in time to buy fresh bread right out of the oven. They let us know they weren't able to cut it because it was still to warm but we figured that was not a bad problem to have :) It was refreshing to be somewhere that's familiar to us and I'm glad we were able to finish our trip there.

We are back to our normal lives now and it's been going well. Solomon has enjoyed his bouncy toy while Christopher and I have enjoyed being able to see all the friends and family we have missed! Thank you for reading and you can enjoy future posts on past places we have already been. It won't be long before we are back on the road but until next time

Ouray, CO

Final Map

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