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Backwoods Adventures

Today is the 24th day that we have been in Mississippi visiting friends and family. This has been a very fun time for Shekinah, Solomon, and I and it's the most time we've been able to spend with my family since I moved west almost 10 years ago. I am feeling very blessed for the opportunity to spend such an extended amount of time with family. All my siblings, and their kids, live in the area so Solomon has had some fun playing with his cousin’s/aunts/uncles everyday.

While being in my old stomping grounds, Clinton, MS, I have had a chance to see beautiful parts of the state as well as go on some pretty crazy adventures with my brothers.

Since both of my younger brothers are playing basketball we've driven all over the state to watch them play from North Mississippi to the Delta. I have never seen so much flooding on the Mississippi River in all my years of living here.

I got to help celebrate my brother Matthew's 24th birthday with the guys. We went out to the land my family leases with my other brother Luke and brother in-law Hunter and shot guns all day. It was a blast! I forgot how much I loved being out doors exploring and shooting guns.

Racoons cause a lot of damage to property here in Mississippi and the other night we decided to try and get rid of the pesky raccoon that frequents my parent’s back yard. So that night my brothers and I hatched a plan to get him. Needles to say we got the beast and were in bed by 2:30am Sunday morning after getting the raccoon and cleaning up.

We will be leaving Mississippi on February 22nd to head to Florida for a few weeks and we will be posting more pictures soon.

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