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Good Bye Mississippi

Pew Pew Pew

Last time we wrote we were 2 weeks in to our time in Mississippi. We had a lot of fun with Christopher's family and he was able to do things with his brothers left and right. Christopher said if I was a man I would know how awesome of a wife I am so woohoo for me haha! Solomon and I were able to join all the guys on the property to go shooting one day and it was a really fun time.

I did a pretty darn good job with my gun, a cute little Ruger LCP 380, but not so good with the skeet shooting. I did however, fit in with most of the other skeet shooting competition there ;). Christopher had his Mosin-Nagant rifle and he would shoot that (sounds like a cannon) and then his brother Noah would shoot his 22 rifle and made this cute little pew pew sound! Solomon loved it and had his little headphones on the whole time. We were able to attend every basketball game for the brothers and enjoyed going to those. Solomon made new friends at each one or slept through them.

The south is still doing their own thing in most areas so it can be interesting at times and the roads..... Wowsers they are bad. Our weather was really great pretty much the whole time. We had anywhere from 50's-80's in temp and the humidity was never very high. There was one really crazy storm and the tornado sirens started up, I personally don't really do tornados so that was a new one for me. But now I know that most of them mean a whole bunch of not much. It made me want to watch the movie Twister :) We spent a full 6 weeks in Mississippi, had a lot of fun and then it was time to head on our way to our next stop.

We left Mississippi the 21st in the afternoon and started our trip to Florida. We arrived in sunny Tampa, FL the next day and were very blessed to be able to stay at Christopher's relatives home for a week. If you'd like to spend most of your day in the car driving in traffic then Tampa is the place for you :) We got to do some really fun things though. I have a really cool cousin and his family (Holla - you know who you are) that live there and were only 15min away from the home we were staying in, which is really crazy with all the different cities around Tampa. We were able to spend a good amount of time with them and even spent time with my parents as they were there for a few days visiting.

I will post in a few days and will let you know about the beaches and areas we have been able to experience here in Florida.

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