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Disney World - Thanks for the good times!

Epcot… The center of the world… Ok maybe not but it was pretty cool! We felt we visited several countries that day. It would take 1 country each week to actually see everything it had to offer and then a few more weeks for the other parts of the park. The cousins met us at the beginning of the day and we started out on our rides. Starting with living with the land we were able to ride through Disney’s greenhouse and see their ecosystem used throughout the park. We did the Finding Nemo ride and Solomon quite enjoyed that one but he especially loved looking at the dolphin fin swishing in the water in front of him at the aquarium after. There is a random place called Club Cool. Go in there to taste different sodas from all around the world. Don’t pick and choose just try them all but have a camera ready ;)

The world showcase was a really great time. We started in Canada and watched the 360 degree room video on all the exciting things to see/do in Canada. They might of stretched it a little bit but hey I like Canada so it was worth seeing. England was fun and the fish and chips we got were quite enjoyable. France was lovely with Bell and the Beast in a flower display with shops full of French things and foods. America was America so we didn’t really need to stop there however, I did have one of the best Boston Cream Donuts I’ve ever had :) Italy, Morocco, Germany, Mexico and Norway are all other countries you get to experience at the world showcase.

After Epcot we decided we would muster up some more energy to go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This park did have a different feel, as it was not as grand and big as the others. The park has some very popular rides like Toy Story, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. There were a lot of teens there and the streets were like popular cities in the US. Boston – New York – LA and so on. If you want the glamorous Mickey ears you would get them from there :) We didn’t stay long because we were so exhausted and our ride back to the hotel left soon so we walked through the whole park and then headed back to all the buses to get back to Epcot.

Our experience and time in Disney World was a really great time. We were able to see and experience a lot of what Disney World has to offer but we definitely know we didn’t even scratch the surface of Disney World. We would love to go back and hopefully can make that happen sooner than later. Staying on the property would be a huge advantage to be able to come and go as you please and not have to worry about staying all day because you leave you’re not going back again that day.

We left Orlando the next morning and started making our way back up to Jackson. We booked it there in one day and Solomon did awesome with the long day in the van. We were able to see the All Star game that Christopher’s brother was picked to play in. Both of the teams seemed to be having a really great time, which in my opinion, is the way your last high school basketball game should be :)

Solomon put his face on the window and I noticed this that night!!

Lady and the Tramp

We said our final goodbyes and left Mississippi the next morning. Our long way home was driven in 2.5 days and we were happy to be home!

**The creepy picture in the dark is Solomon's face print from earlier that day... I noticed it that night and it's still there :)

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